Well known Executive Consultants

Started my life inside the Financial Services in 1982 and have been an independent consultant since 1989 – 30+ years only with a couple interrupts headhunted to specific jobs.

30+ years with in an average 250+ days with my luggage and always between 2 and 8 flights per week.  This is what it took to be successful as an Executive Consultant inside the larger Nordic Financial Corporations. 

It would have continued like this into eternity…

…but, Covid-19 hit us and
suddenly we were asked to find solutions to work from home office. 

Not only external consultants but also the employees of the company.  We proved new thinking, re-engineering of proven and accepted processes in Project Management…

…You lose some – You gain some

Covid-19 is “soon to become history” but the experiences from the period should be used in a positive way hence my 250+ days away and 2 – 8 flights per week can be history.

My experience is the same including the track record but instead of a contract of minimum 6 months (historical requirement) I will be able to help in small scale even down to hours. 

Still as Executive Consultant but now also Remote I can use my extensive business experience to remotely mentor and coach companies and managers in change management, project management in startup, projects in trouble and entrepreneurs in the developing the world using Zoom, Skype, Remote Desktop, E-mail, Dropbox and Smart phones…

…And to a significantly lower hourly consultancy fee.  It is a double win-win situation (for you, for me, for my family and for the environment)

And still, we can share and solve the different kinds of needs out there through sharing my knowledge, experience and encouragement. 

And, when needed I will of course prepare my luggage, book my plane ticket and fly out to meet you but honestly – I think you will find the Consultancy in Cloud to be equally benefitting to yourself as to your business.