We had to learn it during the Pandemic, let us capitalize on it even when we have a choise…

The Pandemic period has given us all the experience to handle even complex problems via Cloud. Physical presence is no longer a precondition to understand your challenge and needs and to have a positive attribution. For experienced consultants, the need for physical presence is significantly reduced.

Until recently Executive Consulting has been the same as physical meetings often involving Communication using car/taxi/train, airlines both at home as well as at the destination.

The Pandemic period has given us an experience of using the digital medias even on areas where we normally would not do it. Executive Consulting is not the only area. Not in the sense that we will not be using physical meetings anymore, but we have got an important opportunity and tool – a tool that is very effective both in relation to time, cost and solution.

The future of Executive Consulting includes an extensive use of the Cloud, through Zoom, Teams, Skype and others.

It is also a fact that most Consultancy companies invoice travelling hours in addition to the time spent on the meeting itself. Often one day / 10 hours to have a 2-hour meeting. Consulting-in-Cloud is a typical Win-Win situation.

So, how can we use the cloud?