A selection from my/our different activities and

many Assignments

(My personal consulting profile until 2018 and thereafter The Advisory Board)

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    Banking Solutions August 1992

    #01 August 1992 - Retail and Business Banking

    Completed a more than 10 years career, working with Retail Banking Systems and Solutions including DBA, Programmer, Analyst, Test Manager and Project Manager – a wide range of experiences gathered during that period. All in the company TietoEvry (then: Fellesdata A/S)

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    Banking Solutions August 1994

    #02 August 1994 - Re-engineering Public solutions including GIS

    Headhunted as Senior Vice President – Head of Software development – Distributed platforms for NIT (now part of IBM). Hereunder all public services systems for Regions and Municipalities, Geographical Information Systems as well as responsible for part-deliveries of software and teams to the Olympic Games of Lillehammer in 1994.

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    Banking Solutions December1996

    #03 December1996 - Business- and IT Strategy and later launch of Unit Linked in Sweden

    Development of a new Business Strategy and underlying IT-Strategy for SPP (now Alecta) in Stockholm where I stayed for 3 years. The final period here was spent establishing a new line of business for them – The Unit Linked company and their Generations fonder.

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    Banking Solutions December1997

    #04 December1997 - Launch of Unit Linked in Norway

    As a natural consequence of my Unit Linked competence from Stockholm, I was asked to build up Gjensidiges Unit Linked business from scratch.

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    Storebrand December 2005

    #05 December 2005 - Several top positions – CEO, COO and CTO in various periods

    A long period in the Storebrand Group – first headhunted as CEO for Storebrand Funds AS and later COO/CTO for Storebrand Asset Management AS. The informal requirement was to reduce the yearly running cost substantially over the 3 coming years. All accomplished while climbing from 4th place to 3rd place among the largest managers in …

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    Danske Capital September 2018

    #06 September 2018 - Strategic projects in the Funds- and Asset Management organisation

    Must have done something right, since my contracts were extended and extended for 13 years with the client, handling all strategic and complex projects in Danske Capital in Copenhagen (part of Danske Bank Group). Was responsible for migrations, mergers, optimizations, launching of new products and instruments, re-engineering the value chain.

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    Bankinvest April 2019

    #07 April 2019 - Implementing new Investment and Risk platform (Aladdin)

    Implemented and deployed the new Investment and Risk platform for Bankinvest in Copenhagen – using Aladdin. The first of 4 subsequent platforms to implement.

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    Bankinvest February 2021

    #08 February 2021 - Implementing new Data Warehous solution

    The 2nd platform was designing and implementing the brand new Data Warehouse holding all data in the company.

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    The Launch September 2022

    #09 September 2022 - The Advisory Board is Born

    Whether you jus have started a business, or you’ve been around for several years, small company or a large corporation – You always come around with the need to make choices and decisions, or the need for creating clarity and alignment on strategic direction and priorities founded in business realities, solving specific problems now and …

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    Bankinvest September 2022

    #10 September 2022 - Implementing new Fund Administrative Platform

    The 3rd and most complex element in the new platform with Bankinvest was the Fund Administration Platform, also including golden records and scrubbing of data. The most complex implementation also gave the most benefit when a 2-digit number systems were obsolete and a 2-digit number of millions was reduced in the yearly cost base.

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    New Member in the Team October 2022

    #11 October 2022 - Kurt Hangaard joined the Team

    Several years in the financial sector at senior management level as COO, a significant part has been to manage implementing major transitions within the Asset Management and Fund Management areas.

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    Bankinvest October 2022

    #12 October 2022 - Design and Implement a complete Control Environment

    A Best-of-Breed solution has a definitive need for a well defined Control environment. That has been designed, developed and implemented in paralell with the other deliveries to ensure consistency and correct setup but the “final” deployment was done in November 2022.

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    Client & Reporting - ONGOING November 2022

    #13 November 2022 - CRM & Reporting solution

    Following a discussion on how to integrate a CRM & Reporting solution with existing architecture, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales & Market were implemented in parallel with Power-BI as Reporting solution. All integrated with each other and the rest of the architecture, hence also competence.