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Advisory Board

Many years as a member of different Board of Directors (BoD) has identified a need for something in between the typical corporate consultant and a BoD. Hence, I have strengthened my own consultancy with specialists throughout my network - both strategic and operational and give you the possibility to make use of them inside the framework of the Advisory Board.

The Board of Directors

Many years as member of Board of Directors (BoD) as well as reporting to them as part of administrations and/or as CEO - all for really professional companies, has given me an experience which has proven valuable especially in planning and implementing larger change processes in the organisations.

Consulting in Cloud

30+ years as Senior-, Corporate-, Management and Executive Consultant has given me a unique competence in the Financial world of Business. The timeline covers all from Retail banking, Business Banking, Private Banking, Real Estate Trading, Life- and Pension Insurance, C&P Insurance, Unit Linked, Fund Management and Asset Management - all lines of business inside Finance with emphasis on the latter two.
Both as Consulting-in-Cloud...

Consulting on Site well as Consulting-on-Site even though the need for this costly solution has been significantly reduced during the pandemic period. Both we as consultant as well as our customers and clients have found the cloud solution very effective and valuable.

Consulting by Blogging

There is nothing like having an experienced consultant with you digital or personal but after 30+ years of consultancy I have decided also to share some knowledge in articles.
Some...and they will not be posted regularly but when they do they will interesting enough to read!

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