My 10 Mantras!

We all have some small or large, short or long statements that mean more to us than others.

I have and I call them my Mantra’s- and I really try to live by them.

Here are my 10 Mantra‘s which I hope can be an inspiration for you to examine your own mantra’s.

Not anything like the 10 Commandments, but simple statements I like to say are with me especially in my professional life.  Wordings I always (and I mean always) spend some extra seconds to compare against and secure that I am compliant.

If not, I want to have good reasons for breaking a Mantra, but it happens.  Hence, I am not 100% rigid or religious about them – only 99%…

  • Mantra #01: Never open a door you don’t won’t them to enter
  • Mantra #02: If you don’t know where to go – anywhere will take you there
  • Mantra #03: If in doubt, you’re not in doubt
  • Mantra #04: The 3 F’s – Focus, Focus and Focus
  • Mantra #05: Start with what you can influence – not what you can’t do anything about
  • Mantra #06: It wasn’t completely useless – it could be used as a bad example
  • Mantra #07: Always, like never before
  • Mantra #08: The simplest explanation is usually the right one
  • Mantra #09: Who is responsible for you? In the end, only YOU
  • Mantra #10: Do you get tired of worrying – you get worried from being tired!

I guess you find some of these pretty self explanatory and useless as a Mantra but these are the ones it is most difficult to live according to because one take them for granted.

Several of these are also used actively when mentoring or coaching because they are easy to find analogies around, hence easy to reflect on.

But not all!  I also think several of these is the definition of me as a person and Manager and I will in some future posting explain what I mean by them and what they mean to me.

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me here

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