What do I mean by

Consulting in Cloud or on Site

After 30+ years as an on-site Consultant

The Cloud is the new "On site"

If you in the 1990s told me that in the 2020s I would be transforming my consulting business from only on-site consulting to an almost 100% in-the-cloud consulting;
I would never believed you!
I would never believe we were hit by a pandemic either…
But, Covid-19 hit us and suddenly I was forced to find solutions to work but not from the clients office – but the home office. That was the new normal day, not only for external consultants but also the employees of the company.
We were all in the same boat using the same procedures and solutions. 
And, together we proved new thinking, re-engineering of proven and accepted processes, well accepted and transferred them into Advisory, Mentoring, Corporate Consulting, Project Management & Coaching – it worked, even in the Cloud…
It worked and it was far more effective also from a cost and not least time perspective!
We were forced to find new solutions and we did – and
they are now adopted as the new standard.
Welcome to Executive Consulting “in the Cloud” and “on Site”!
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