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My 10 Mantras!

My mantra’s are not anything like the 10 Commandments, but simple statements I like to say are with me especially in my professional life.  Wordings I always (and I mean always) spend some extra seconds to compare against and secure that I am compliant.

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Inflation target as the only guideline for the nasjonalbankens rente

Norway have close to no influence on the European price on gas and electricity meaning its attribution on our price on electricity and fuel will continue to be high as long as it remain so in Europe.  No matter how high Norges Bank is raising the rate, the European price on electricity and gas will remain unchanged and Norges Bank will have to continue.  this can really lead to a economical development in Norway we’ve never seen before. Or, am I wrong?

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Simplicity over Complexity

It isn’t always the complexity and the volume that give the basis for success. Most of the time it is pure simplicity which is one of the reasons why my 8th Mantra is “The simplest explanation is usually the right one”.

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