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Started my life inside the Financial Services in 1982 and have been an independent consultant since 1989 – 30+ years only with a couple interrupts headhunted to specific jobs.

30+ years with in an average 250+ days with my luggage and always between 2 and 8 flights per week. This is what it took to be successful as an Executive Consultant inside the larger Nordic Financial Corporations. It would have continued like this into eternity…

Even though the Consulting has been 90% of my professional life, I have had time to be heavily involved in establishing several lines-of-business outside the Financial atmosphere;

Owner of some high-end and medium brand agencies for the Norwegian market (and some in Scandinavia), like Rimowa, Vaude, Roncato, DKNY Luggage, Calvin Klein Luggage – independent of distribution channels (physical stores & ecommerce)

Owner and operational responsible for several ecommerce initiatives – all now merged into one main ecommerce store (the largest in Norway)

Owner and author & photographer of 3 books on tourism in Norway as well as two blogs with several thousand followers

…but, Covid-19 hit us and suddenly we were asked to find solutions to work from home office. Not only external consultants but also the employees of the company.

And, together we proved new thinking, re-engineering of proven and accepted processes in Advisory, Corporate Consulting, Project Management & Coaching – it worked, even in the Cloud…

Meet the Executive Consultant

Morten von Hafenbrädl

After more than 30 years in the Consulting business, the last 15 as Executive/Management/Corporate Consultant I am planning to use my broad and deep experience on Advisory related assignments...

“ From Programmer to Database specialist and Test Manager, to Project Manager and Strategic Program Manager…

From CTO to COO to CEO and also Board Member, all for Nordic well known Finance corporations…

All has given me very good insight in Strategies, Branding, Efficiency Program, Analysis and Implementations.

What more can you look for?”


Meet the Photographer

Morten von Hafenbrädl

A picture tells you a lot more than a thousand words...

“ Consequently, I had only one alternative if I wanted my travel books and blogs to appealing, informative and interesting – to learn how to take photos, nice and good photos.

That said, the implementation was time consuming and far more complex that expected but I can now manage and apart from the highly pro photographers, people are happy with the result – as am I”

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Meet the Author & Copy Writer

Morten von Hafenbrädl

See myself as a self-taught writer aiming at giving the reader the feeling of being on site of the happenings whether it is in one of my books or one my blogs

“ Three books containing 90,000 km of Motorcycle journeys in Norway always looking to give my readers the feeling of being on the spot itself.

Two blogs, both looking to attract people with no or little experience beforehand both on travelling and on Smart house”

Morten von Hafenbradl_signaure_writer_white_LowRes