1994 to 2018 using SCD and now, finally success with an alternative

No doubt, TMS2000 and later SimCorp Dimension has been the #1 in the Nordic region, and later Europe and finally the last few years also the US among all Fund- and Asset Managers.

On their own page, they say:

Manage all your assets, across all classes, on one intuitive platform – SimCorp Dimension. A home where everyone throughout your organization can be on the same page, and work from the same up-to-date data.

Ever since I Managed the project setting up the Unit Linked business for the former SPP in Regeringsgatan in Stockholm, through the same kind of project in Gjensidige in Oslo and through the period as CEO/COO in Storebrand Fondene AS / Storebrand Asset Management AS in Oslo and finally to Danske Capital in Copenhagen completed in 2018 – SimCorp Dimension has been the main motor for the business and projects.

And, with the system – a supplier also follow and my relation to SimCorp as a company and the people working there got really close year-by-year.  Both for good and for bad.

But, if anyone told me in 2000 or 2010 that I in 2022 would write this post on my page I would have said NO WAY!  During all these years, it looked impossible to even fight the dominant status SimCorp Dimension had within the Financial Services.  I hoped (and even told SimCorp) they would invest more in the core of the system to avoid it became a legacy system.  I also asked them to do something about the complexity and cost with the system, but to have a real competitor to them was far away in my mind.

Today, we have an alternative!
A real alternative!
A better alternative!
A more cost effective alternative!
We went live 2 months ago!

On the 1st of October 2018 I was asked to come to my Principal to take over the Program replacing all the major business solutions from current legacy status and onto a new and modern solution and architecture.

By the help of very knowledgable internal people and specialists I knew would perform, we were able to establish what I today consider to be the best solution I ever have seen.

During the next few days I will present teasers and parts of it and it will finally lead up to a full presentation a few days ahead.

A Best-of-Breed solution all tied together using Middleware and Process integrators to a scalable full functional value chain solution – to a price about half what should’ve been paid for the market leader…  That is worth a few minutes of your time and maybe also an e-mail to get more information.

The solution can run on your own premises, in the cloud and as a service – the full flexibility and scalability.

Especially, since we know there are many companies feeling locked up by the fact that there are no real alternative.  Now, there are and I expect you to spam us with mails.

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me here

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